Make Your Wedding Unique by Using Wedding Sands


Everyone knows that planning your own wedding can be very stressful and time-consuming and can put you in a lot of pressure. However, this is not a mere excuse to only settle with a wedding that is just like the many traditional wedding ceremonies that you get to see in this day and age. Are you thinking of doing something different with your wedding ceremony that your soon-to-be long-time partner also agrees with? If you want to make your wedding more unique and memorable, then why not try including a wedding sand ceremony during your wedding. Having a sand ceremony in your wedding will serve as a symbol for uniting your love for your partner along with your family, friends, and guests who are there with you to witness the vows that you will be making to each other. Including a wedding sand ceremony in your overall wedding is not that hard. Basically, you need to have your own unity sand or Sandsational Sparkle wedding sand. The preparation is actually very basic. Here are some things that you need to consider if you want nothing more but your wedding sand ceremony to be one of perfection.

First, make sure that you choose a unique set up for your wedding sand ceremony. Ensure to choose a place where during the performance of the wedding sand ceremony, your guests will be able to get a clear view of you and your partner during the said ceremony. It will be great that you use a small table. Have this small table placed in the middle facing your guests along with the officiant in the middle as well. Now, you and your partner must face each other while the small table is between the both of you. You can also have your officiant stand on one side of the small table while you and your partner will be standing side by side and taking a look at your guests. Get the sand ceremony container here!

Second, make sure that you set your scene properly. Having a small table, a vase, and a jar of sand in front of your guests will just look dry and never put well together. So, you must make sure to pay close attention to important details. Ensure to use a small table so that your vase will not look lost in terms of its visual aspect. Make sure that you opt for a pretty table runner as well as a nice table cloth. When you set up your table, make sure to put some accents on it such as flowers that go well with your wedding theme. You may also scatter some shells, rose petals, and accents in your table for it to look more interesting. Learn more facts about wedding sand at


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